Benefits Consulting

To a business owner or manager, the world of insurance can often be intimidating and confusing.  We understand benefits are expensive and can be complicated.  In spite of that, a comprehensive benefit package is what you’ll need to attract and retain talented employees.

We firmly believe, given our 23 years of providing benefit choices, that having BCT Corp as your trusted insurance advisor will make offering and administering employee benefits easy!

The team at BCT will provide your group with a full slate of benefits, hassle-free administration and worry-free compliance.

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Rachael Lawton

Exciting news! BCT Corp has partnered with Rachael Lawton, Account Executive fromLegalShield. Protect your family, your business, and your personal identity with simple, comprehensive coverage from LegalShield and IDShield. For more information, take a look of this explanation of benefits from LegalShield.

To find out more about LegalShield, please contact Rachael Lawton at #651-353-6568 –






Announcing … BCT Corp has partnered with Studio 9-To-5 Wellness!

Studio 9-to-5 is a mobile wellness company bringing fitness, nutrition and wellness classes to your workplace enhancing company culture and impacting employee engagement, productivity and health through convenient and high-quality onsite well-being practices.  As a client, you’ll be able to take advantage of more ongoing promotions and discounts, like our first offer listed below!

All BCT clients receive one FREE onsite lunch-n-learn seminar on The Science of Stress. 

To find out more about our 85 instructors, about Studio 9-to-5’s mission, or the company founder; Nikki Peters Barrett, please visit our website at



BCT Corp Pets Best InsuranceBCT Corp now offers pet insurance from Pets Best as a voluntary benefit. 

Why offer pet insurance as a benefit?

To protect ourselves financially against the unexpected, we have health insurance, car insurance, home-owners insurance, etc. Pet insurance is no different! The care available to pets is often on par with human medical care and because of this veterinary costs are on the rise. For more info click the pdf here Pets-Best_Employer-Proposal 2018